A life between the pages

The other day I shared a Facebook meme. It was a two-panel cartoon. On the right panel is a bookmark. On the left panel is everything one might use in place of a bookmark — sticky note, bus ticket, etc. The left side says," Things I've used as a bookmark." The right side says, "Things … Continue reading A life between the pages


‘Modernity’ and chaos

MFAH exhibit introduces Venezuelan Informalists HOUSTON — From the 1955s to 1975, a group of Venezuelan artists sought to make sense of the world following the end of the Marco Pérez Jiménez dictatorship as the country transitioned to a democracy, as well as the societal shifts that came with Venezuela’s burgeoning oil business and wealth … Continue reading ‘Modernity’ and chaos

Undressing the Masculine

Review: McTeer shines in Rebeck's 'Hamlet/Bernhardt' NEW YORK — Sarah Bernhardt was the biggest theatrical sensation of her time. In the late 1800s, Bernhardt was the toast of fin-de-siécle Paris. In Theresa Rebeck’s play “Bernhardt/Hamlet,” the actress, played here by Janet McTeer, having played and mastered all the great female roles is about to tackle … Continue reading Undressing the Masculine