The Buck Stop at the ‘Little White House’

KEY WEST, Fla. — More than once, the southernmost tip of the United States was the center of government. In 1946, following President Harry S Truman’s first 19 months in office — a year when he was thrust into power, made the decision to drop the nuclear bomb on Japan ending WWII and signed the … Continue reading The Buck Stop at the ‘Little White House’


Ode to the freak show

GIBONSTON, Fla. — Imagine strolling through a quiet, tree-shaded neighborhood and you pass a bearded lady on her way to the store as a 30-inch-tall woman and her 8-feet-tall husband wave from their porch — all while the neighbor washes his elephant in the front yard. Pretty sure you must be in “Gibton.” This town … Continue reading Ode to the freak show