Artist Gina Marí Garcia in her tenant space at The Art Studio, Inc. as she works on pieces for her show, “Eye Candy,” Feb. 3-23, 2018. Photo by Andy Coughlan
This blog is aimed at my students. It offers a quick overview of the process and is an example of archiving my published work.

The best part of being the editor of ISSUE magazine is getting first choice of stories. I almost always take the artist profiles because I love talking to other artists. I always warn them that the interview will be more of a conversation than a straight Q&A.

My latest conversation is with Gina Marí Garcia, which ran in the February 2018 edition. There are important things to think about when doing an personality profile. The most important is to meet the person in their environment. Not only are they going to be more comfortable, but I can get a sense of how they live or work. The most important pieces of equipment for a journalist are the eyes and ears.

This story also gave me a chance to put a full package together, with a photo slide show and a short video all embedded in the online story. Today’s journalist must be able to do it all. The video was shot on my iPhone and edited in Adobe Premier.

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