I am teaching Desktop Publishing in fall 2020 at Lamar University. It is effectively a design class that covers all media. The students are required to build a portfolio of their assigned projects upon which they will be graded. I decided that I should do all the assignments myself to serve as examples. Of course, I am not going to claim they are all great, or that I necessarily spent the amount of time I expect them to spend on the projects, but that is the privilege of rank.

Assignment 3: Infographic

The assignment was to create an infographic that incorporated at least four pieces of information. With the English Premier League season returning, I decided to see how much the top teams in the EPL spent on transfer fees to build their squads.

I used a variation on a simple bar graph, incorporating the teams’ shirts to represent their relative buying power. The source listed the cost in Euros. The size of the shirts shows the relative size of the spending amount.

It should be of no surprise that the top-four spenders finished last season in the top-four places (Although the order was different, with Liverpool as winners, followed by City, United and Chelsea.

I used a green background to represent the soccer pitch, and superimposed a crowd as a watermark (ironically, as the games are being played behind closed doors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Also, just for grins, I created a couple of infographics to list Shakespeare’s plays by categories. It was an opportunity to show how to use a relevant graphic element, in this case, the illustration from the First Folio. The second version uses the actual book as a frame.

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