I am teaching Desktop Publishing in fall 2020 at Lamar University. It is effectively a design class that covers all media. The students are required to build a portfolio of their assigned projects upon which they will be graded. I decided that I should do all the assignments myself to serve as examples. Of course, I am not going to claim they are all great, or that I necessarily spent the amount of time I expect the students to spend on the projects, but that is the privilege of rank.

Assignment 4: Fliers (part 1)

This was an assignment for the students to (hopefully) have a bit of fun. The task was to design a flier for a concert with a 1970s Punk DIY aesthetic. They could choose any band they wanted, not necessarily a punk band. As long as it was literally cut and pasted. I chose a dream gig that I wish had happened. I wrote an earlier blog about working the bar in the gig space upstairs at The Richmond pub in Brighton. I imagined if The Clash had played there, supported by two Brighton bands of the time, The Piranhas and The Dodgems. I cut out the band names from record sleeves. The Richmond was just the typical cutout lettering from magazines. I hand-wrote the rest. The Clash photo was the typical bleached-out effect from photocopying a photo (I may have cheated on that a little in Photoshop). I wish this gig had been real.

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