I am teaching Desktop Publishing in fall 2020 at Lamar University. It is effectively a design class that covers all media. The students are required to build a portfolio of their assigned projects upon which they will be graded. I decided that I should do all the assignments myself to serve as examples. Of course, I am not going to claim they are all great, or that I necessarily spent the amount of time I expect the students to spend on the projects, but that is the privilege of rank.

Assignment 6: Menus

This assignment was to design a menu for a local restaurant. The idea is to produce something that captures the feel of the place. We had already talked about basic principles in class about how the menu is an extension of the restaurant’s brand. I decided to continue with the shellfish seafood restaurant I have been using during the semester. I used the sea and sand image from the ad as the background at 30 percent opacity. The idea is to keep it simple and on one sheet. The logo dominates the top left and the address, etc. is across the bottom. The high value items are top right. I chose a sans serif for the copy and kept the Roman font for the restaurant logo and information. As we discussed in class, pictures are kept to a minimum. This is not a chain or low-end venue that dazzles with multiple images. A good restaurant does not need to attract through pictures. For my fictitious restaurant I decided that the menu is exclusively shellfish.

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