Juror Betty Iles, left, and Lynne Lokensgard discuss an entry in the Beaumont Art League’s “Landscapes and Seascapes” show, on Aug. 8, 2021. The exhibition opens Aug. 14. Photo by Andy Coughlan

Beaumont Art League’s ‘Landscapes and Seascapes’ opens tonight

Juror Betty Iles walks back and forth as she examines the entries in the Beaumont Art League’s “Landscapes and Seascapes” show, which opens Aug. 14. This is the first time the long-time artist has judged a show and she wants to make sure her choices reflect the best of the 45 submissions.

It’s not just a mastery of technique that decides whether a piece will win an award she said. Most of the works in the show feature iconic Texas imagery, and there is a heavy sense of nostalgia, for Southeast Texas in particular and the state in general. Iles said she looks for pieces that spark an emotional response.

“My grandfather had a dairy with cattle, you know, and the little old houses which are fast disappearing,” Iles said. “And living where we do, we’ve spent much time down on the beach. So, works that really bring back memories of things like that are the ones that appeal to me most.”

Many entries in the Beaumont Art League’s “Landscapes and Seascapes” show feature nostalgic Texas images.

The show comprises paintings, photographs and sculpture. BAL vice president Lynne Lokensgard, said the “Landscapes and Seascapes” theme elicited works that reveal a love of Texas.

“Everybody loves their home,” she said. “There is a lot of beauty and a lot of nostalgia, like the log cabins and the ships at sea, that go back a couple 100 years. These are iconic subjects that have been in existence in Texas art for centuries. And I think it’s really charming, that they love their home so much.”

Juror Betty Iles talks about entries in the Beaumont Art League’s “Landscapes and Seascapes” show.

“Landscape and Seascapes” will open with a free reception, 7 p.m. to 9 pm., Aug. 14 at the gallery, located at 2675 Gulf St. in Beaumont, Texas.

The League has open shows to encourage participation and entries are open to members and non-members alike, although the entry fee is discounted for members. September’s theme is “Shades of Autumn.” 

Lokensgard said the strongest thing about the entries in this month’s BAL show is a mastery of the medium. Most of the works are literal translations of the theme but Lokensgard, who taught art history at Lamar University for many years, encourages all artists to explore the possibility of the themes of the shows.

“The way I judge is, first of all, the subject, you have to follow the subject,” she said. “Then I look at technique. The medium is oil, photography and sculpture in this case. And there are a number of works that are just masterful in their painting techniques. And then the last one is content. That’s the way I taught art history.”

Lokensgard points out a piece showing a girl looking out across the sea. 

“That goes back to 19th-century German painting, when they used to go walking through the landscape, and they would stop and they would look at the distance and that became a kind of a metaphor for their life in their future.”

Beaumont Art League memberships may be purchased at time of entry. Entries will for “Shades of Autumn” will be accepted 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sept. 3-4, and the opening reception will be Sept. 8.

This story first ran in the Aug. 14 edition of the Beaumont Enterprise.

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