I am teaching Desktop Publishing in fall 2022 at Lamar University. It is effectively a design class that covers all media. The students are required to build a portfolio of their assigned projects upon which they will be graded. I did this assignment to show them a publication and how to load it to their e-portfolio.

For this assignment I took the images that were supplied for the project and picked the ones I wanted to use based on my understanding of the story. Having read the story, I found the main purpose was to promote the film that was to run while the orchestra played music that had been specifically designed to accompany the film, which was produced by National Geographic.

I decided the film stills of the animals were the biggest draw. I chose the seal as my main image. As the picture was mostly blue, I chose a color scheme that reflected that. The headline font is Maghrib, which I felt has a natural and flowing water quality. I made it blue and made the other boxes blue to match.

If you look at the box with the tiger, I just did a cutout to be fancy, but set it over the blue box I used for the pullout quote. Please note that the text for the pullout is still in the story.

The dominant images are the seal to open the story and the orchestra to close it out. These are the two most important parts of the event — the music and the movie. I included the picture of Chelsea Tipton II as he is the face of the Symphony, but if you read the story, the musicians follow a click track so it is exactly coordinated with the film. Chelsea’s control, in this case, is not as needed, so I don’t need to make him the dominant image. I used the tiger because I had space to fill and a cutout always looks good.

This layout is actually pretty basic, but the choices made at the beginning make it visually attractive. And that all comes from reading the story carefully.

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