‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at BCP

In December 2022, I directed "It's a Wonderful Life: A 1940s Radio Play" for Beaumont Community Players. This page is a compilation of write ups and reviews across different media. Click on the photos for links Preview from the Beaumont Enterprise by Stephan Malick: "For many nostalgic people, it’s just not Christmas without watching Jimmy … Continue reading ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at BCP

Internet wandering leads to ‘Something Else’

In a time of isolation, one must beware of falling down a rabbit hole and killing hours on idle nothings on the internet. But sometimes, as one falls, one accidentally finds what was not sought. One such Carrollean free fall took place the other day. I followed a Facebook link to a short YouTube video … Continue reading Internet wandering leads to ‘Something Else’