Review: ‘Ghosts’ of morality

LU's production of Ibsen classic shines light on secrets The ghosts of our past decisions seem to have a way of visiting us, no matter how hard we try to bury them. In Henrik Ibsen’s classic play, “Ghosts,” presented by Lamar University, Nov. 8-11, Mrs. Helen Alving (Caitlin Grammar) is on the eve of unveiling … Continue reading Review: ‘Ghosts’ of morality


Review: No lie — ‘Curious Incident’ honestly excels

When Christopher John Francis Boone discovers Wellington’s body, he is immediately the prime suspect. But he is innocent and sets out to find the real killer. However, this is not a typical noir detective story. Christopher is a 15-year-old boy, clearly on the Autism spectrum although that is never defined, for whom the truth is … Continue reading Review: No lie — ‘Curious Incident’ honestly excels

Lies, lies … and great fun

Review: LU theatre's "The Importance of Being Earnest" is terrific entertainment “The Importance of Being Earnest,” is a farce about deception and triviality, but there is nothing deceptive or trivial about Lamar University theatre's latest production. The excellence is in plain view. Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy gets a fresh showing with an ensemble that is … Continue reading Lies, lies … and great fun

Review: ‘Mauritius’ earns ‘stamp’ of approval

BEAUMONT, Texas — When Jackie enters a seedy stamp shop to ascertain the value of her stamp collection, she sets in motion a whirling series of interactions that play out like beautifully choreographed combats, with each character in the five-person ensemble thrusting and parrying for the upper hand. Do the stamps have value? And if … Continue reading Review: ‘Mauritius’ earns ‘stamp’ of approval

Review: Tudor twists and turns

MST's 'Wolf Hall,' 'Bring Up The Bodies' a theatrical feast HOUSTON — Political machinations, a social climber using her feminine wiles, alliances, intrigue and scandal. No, it’s not a post-election wrap up, it’s the 1520s in the court of Henry VIII. Main Street Theater’s production of “Wolf Hall” and “Bring Up The Bodies,” adapted from Hilary Mantel’s … Continue reading Review: Tudor twists and turns

Review: Sororité, if not égalité, shines at Main Street

HOUSTON — A playwright writes a play about a playwright writing a play. The characters are fictitious imaginings of “real” historical figures, imagined not only by the playwright, but also by the playwright within the play. Is the truth more or less real for all that? Such are the problems of meta theater, problems that … Continue reading Review: Sororité, if not égalité, shines at Main Street

Review: ‘Hamilton’ exceeds high expectations

NEW YORK — When a show wins a Tony, a Grammy and a Pulitzer Prize, one can assume it must be pretty darn good. Normally, such praise lends itself to disappointment, but, amazingly, “Hamilton” is actually better than the hype! From the opening song where we meet our titular hero, to the final heartbreaking moments, Lin-Manuel … Continue reading Review: ‘Hamilton’ exceeds high expectations